Great things and small beginnings.

I have been walking around with the idea to create a game that would teach the basic workings of the financial system and ‘where it all went wrong’ for way too long. One day in November I took the first step of an thousand mile journey. By now fellow travelers are added tot the party. Together, we are skilled programmers & designers by day, and superheroes that battle evil at night!
We also have a name: Firebrush Studios. Expect great things!

…And we are back…

After two and a half years studying in beautiful Copenhagen, finally defeated the end boss and achieved awesomeness: Master of Science. But I will allow people to refer to me as Master of Games as well, since that is mostly what I have been doing in and around my education.

Currently I am based in the Netherlands and on the lookout for employment as a (flash) games developer or investment in this project. That is why I have made this site here, to showcase myself and my work. If you are interested  feel free to contact me anytime. In the about section you can find out more about myself, in the portfolio section you can see and play a selection of previous work.